5 Ways To Give Back To Your Community Without Spending Money

Skip the financial stress of donating to charity and donate your time instead! Here are 5 ways you can give back to your community without spending any cash!


Volunteer For A Local Animal Charity


If you want to see the beneficial effects of your hard work in your surrounding community, then volunteering for a local charity can be one of the most rewarding volunteering experiences out there.

If you're an animal person with time to give, then initiatives like the volunteer program at RSPCA could be your best port of call. Fostering an animal can be time-consuming and expensive, but you can also volunteer at the animal centre and contribute your efforts to anything from washing the surrendered animals to playing with them. If you'd rather help someone in need with their pet, then through the RSPCA, you can volunteer to help elderly people wash, walk and feed their pets. There's also a program that allows you to temporarily foster an animal with owners who are sick or injured, have become homeless or are victims of domestic violence. By doing this, you could be helping a whole family in your very own suburb, while they get back on their feet.

Credit: April Walker
Credit: Kyle Ellefson

Tutor A Student

Maybe your neighbour's kid struggles with maths and that has always been your strong suit. Or perhaps you play piano and a friend of a friend is desperate for piano lessons, but can't afford them? There are so many young people out there eager to learn and in need of some extra help, however many of them don't get the opportunities, resources and guidance they deserve. If you have a skill or talent, keep your eyes out for kids, teens and young adults you might know who have the same interests and need some tutoring.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Who says you have to join a group or charity to volunteer? If you prefer to incorporate some down time into you volunteer work, then why not appreciate and explore nature while planting some trees in a local park or reserve? You can get involved with the 20 million Trees Program and work by yourself or with others.

It's best you do your research and only plant native trees that will flourish and not compromise or imbalance the local ecosystem. You also want to make sure you're consistent with your projects and nurture the trees you plant for months, even years after you plant them. This is quite a long-term venture, but it's certainly rewarding!

If you do like the social aspect of volunteering and you want to help clean up your local community, all kinds of different community clean-up programs are popping up, like Operation Straw.

Visit An Aged Care Home

Did you know up to 40% of aged care residents never get any visitors? This is incredibly sad to think about; but there is something you can do. Elderly people greatly appreciate visitors and many homes have community visitor schemes. Whether you want to read with them, play cards or just have a chat; your company and attention will be much appreciated. You'll get a feel good buzz out of the experience because you know you've brightened their day.

Help Out Your Family And Friends

The way you give back to your community doesn't have to involve strangers. Helping your own flesh and blood or a friend in need with your time and care can boost their lives massively, and even strengthen your relationships. Perhaps you know a working, single mum who could use some help with picking up the kids from school? Or perhaps your grandparents need some odd jobs done around the house? Maybe your little sister needs help moving house or your best friend needs a dog sitter while they're on holiday? You don't have to go far out of your way to help the people around you.

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