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At Sunshine Loans, we provide small loans from $2,050 to $3,000.

That's why we're known as the rainy-day loan experts! But how do you know if a loan is right for you? There are a lot of loans out there after all, and sometimes all the choices can get a little overwhelming.

If you need a personal loan comparison, feel free to compare loans below and see how we can bring a little sunshine into your day.


Loans for All Circumstances

Life can be unpredictable. One month, you may be living comfortably and enjoying some spare cash, whereas other months can bring piles of bills and commitments that leave you strapped for cash. No matter the circumstances, we have a personal loan to suit your situation - all without hidden fees and simple, clear terms that make borrowing from us fast and easy.

We have numerous loans available including:

What type of loan should I get?

Are you scratching your head wondering what sort of loan is right for you? You have a few options to choose from.


A secured loan is a loan with an associated form of security - usually an asset such as a car or other valuable items such as jewellery. This means that, if you are unable to meet your repayment obligations, your asset is used to pay off your loan. Because of this, a secured loan comes with a lower interest rate.


The opposite of a secured loan, an unsecured loan does not have the support of an asset, which in turn means that it may come with a higher interest rate attached.


When it comes to personal loan comparisons, a variable loan should be considered if you'd like your interest repayments to reflect current trends in the market. This potentially means that, if you take out a loan with a variable rate while interest rates are high, the interest rates may drop over time depending on market trends. The same can be said if you take out a loan during a low interest period and interest climbs over time, leading to your repayments rising as well.


If you want your repayments set in stone, a fixed loan is right for you. It means that, when you apply for a loan, your repayments won't be affected by changes in interest rates. If you can apply for a loan when interest rates are extremely low, you can make the loan work to your advantage.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Loan

Taking out a loan of any amount can have both positive and negative impacts. Here's a few things to consider before getting a loan.

Identify Your Needs

Take a moment to think about why you need the loan. Do you need to buy a new car, or do you need to make a down payment on wedding arrangements? And can you realistically repay the loan?

Research Your Options

Take a peek at our full list of loans and find one that's right for you. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of secured and unsecured loans, as well as fixed and variable loans, and how these all impact you.

Understand Your Fees

Understanding how fees work brings the bigger picture of taking out a loan into perspective. As part of our ethical lending practices, we encourage you to understand the cost of a loan before making your decision.