5 Alternative Bucks Party Ideas

Whether your best mate is a whiskey bar dude, a thrill-seeking adventurer or a guy that likes to dine in style; we have the ultimate breakdown of alternative bucks night ideas.

The Best Bucks Night Ideas

It's your mate's bachelor party, and sure, there are all kinds of 'normal' and 'expected' stag night activities you could do. A pub or brewery crawl? Perhaps a steak dinner? Maybe even a strip club? (No judgment) But why not treat your bestie and all your mates to something a little out of the ordinary and start thinking outside the box when it comes to the big night? After all, you only get married once (hopefully!). So, here are 6 alternative bucks party ideas to get you started:

1. Thrill Seeker

There's nothing like taking a leap of faith and getting married. So, why not represent that huge jump on his stag night with a sky-diving experience for the whole squad? If that's not quite what the groom would be into, then depending on where you live, you could go bungee jumping in Cairns, jet boat racing on the Gold Coast, or diving with sharks in Perth – perfect for the adrenaline junkie

2. Fast & Furious

If your mate is a rev-head and appreciates fine automobiles, then a sports car experience at a race track could be the ticket. There are lots of driving ranges with amazing cars that offer great packages for large groups. Call around and see what you can get included in the package as there's often some flexibility to tailor your experience.

Credit: Herbert Dudichum
Credit: Eric Mcnew

3. Private Poker

You can play poker any old night, but how about injecting a bit more class and style for the stag party? Splash out with your mates and rent the groom-to-be a private poker room for his bucks night. Tuxes on and cigars at the ready with a professional dealer and drinks all around; this is one way to spoil your friend before the big day.

4. Finer Things

If the groom loves his fine food and wine, then a culinary experience might be your best bet. Book a table or private room for your group at a restaurant you know he loves or organise a food tour in your area with all of his favourite eats! You could even take him on a tasting experience at a distillery, brewery or vineyard that he's always chatting about.

5. Boys' Weekend

Want to make a day or weekend of it? Buck parties don't have to be limited to one night. Why not rent a boat for a whole boys' day out on the water?

Or – you could rent a sleek Airbnb in a nearby city and make a trip out of it! Just make sure all your partners know where you are. We don't want a situation like 'The Hangover'… or do we…?

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