Our Top 5 Finance and Budgeting Apps for Australians

If you are trying to get your finances in order, minimise your impulsive spending or just want to be motivated to save, these 5 finance apps will have you covered.

To make sure all your financial needs are all met, we looked 5 different apps that carried 5 different purposes. If you are seeking an easier way to split the bills for your next lads trip or you just want to kickstart your investing portfolio, it is all possible in the palm of your hand.

Top 5 finance apps for Aussies

Pocketbook – Budgeting app
This is an Australian based budgeting app which you can add your bank accounts to in order to track and budget your spending. Receiving glowing reviews, you may have even seen this app featured in a segment on Chanel 9 news about the best money management apps.


TrackmyGOALS by ASIC – Financial goals app
Smashing money goals is easy with TrackmyGOALS. Let TrackmyGOALS motivate you to save with its constant reminder of what exactly you are saving for. Whether it's the new Fallout 76, an exotic holiday or just unavoidable car repairs, you can set, plan, track and manage multiple savings goals with TrackmyGOALS. This app inspires users to save, offering a way to visualise goals making them more tangible.

Splitwise – Bill splitting app
This app is great for shared households and those who regularly participate in group activities. Whether you're travelling with friends or just hang out often, it's easy to keep track of your IOUs with Splitwise.

Raiz – Micro investing app
Formally operating under the name ‘Acorns', this app encourages users to stash that extra cash like a squirrel. This clever app puts spare change from your everyday purchases and invests it into a diverse portfolio of stocks and bonds. Becoming a big-time share trader might be on your to-do list, but until that day, Raiz is a great place for any novice.

ATO – Track your taxes app
While the ATO app allows you to submit and track your tax refund application, the myDeductions feature also makes it easy for you to track and monitor your deductions throughout the year. You can then easily export them into your tax return to ease your stress when it comes to tax time.

Credit: Rawpixel (Unsplash)