QUIZ : What Type of Spender Are You?

Want to figure out what type of spender you are? For this fun quiz, we have identified 6 different spending personality types. Find out which one you are so you can start changing your spending habits today!

Spending Personality Test

Are you a saver or a spender? A shopping addict or a minimalist? If you're unsure, we have a quiz for you! Learn what type of spender you are so you can improve your spending habits.

This fast and fun quiz has 10 quick questions that will result in you learning a little more about your relationship with money. Gaining a greater understanding of how you interact with your finances can help you improve your spending habits – and if you're not interested in that, it is just a bit of fun!

Whether it's a new pair of shoes that make you feel boss, a gift that will make your friend's day or a new vacuum cleaner to make your life easier; each purchase helps paint a picture of what's important to you. Understanding how you value your money can help you change your spending habits. So, make finances fun and take our quiz today!